'Columbine-Like Threats' Made On Facebook Page of Palmer High Student

Threatening posts on the Facebook page of a Palmer High School student prompted police to respond to the student's home Tuesday.

Colorado Springs police say they were called Tuesday evening and notified that a Palmer High School student may have posted "Columbine style threats" against Palmer High School on his Facebook account. Police say they went to the students home on North Nevada and confronted the teen.

The student told police the threats were meant as a joke. The student apologized and along with his family, it was agreed that he would not go to school the next day, Wednesday. April 20 is the 12th anniversary of the Columbine shooting in which 12 students and one teacher were killed.

As a precaution the School Resource Officer along with District 11 security initiated a safety plan for the school Wednesday. D-11's spokesperson, Elaine Naleski says the student is in 9th grade and the school did heighten security Wednesday, only due to the danger of other students getting their own ideas after the incident.

Heightened security means that more patrol officers are outside the school and more security inside school. Teachers are also asked to be extra cautious suspicious activity.

Naleski went on to say the district is doing a "threat assessment" and have not decided on a disciplinary action against the student.