VIDEO: Colorado Zoo Welcomes Baby Clouded Leopard Cubs

Credit: Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is celebrating the birth of two clouded leopard cubs. They were born March 14.

The brother, sister pair has not been named yet. They are the first cubs born to their mother, Lisu, and father, Taji.

The cubs are also the first clouded leopard cubs to be born at the zoo.

Zookeepers are helping to raise the cubs by hand because their mom has not been attentive. The zoo say this may be because Lisu was raised by hand, and wasn't taught how to be a mother.

The zoo says both cubs are doing well, but it will be a while before they make their first public appearance.

The zoo says in spite of their name, clouded leopards are not really leopards at all. Instead, they are in a class all by themselves. Scientists say they are a "bridge" between big cats like lions and tigers, and small cats such as pumas, lynx and ocelots.

Clouded Leopards grow to be between two and four feet long and can weigh anywhere from 24 to 50 pounds. They are especially good climbers, and spend a lot of time in trees.

Clouded Leopards are found in southern China and parts of Nepal, India, Burma. They also live in from Indochina to Sumatra and Borneo.