Colorado Springs Woman Searching For Missing Service Dog

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A Colorado Springs woman is frantically searching for her missing service dog.

The dog, a golden retriever named Tyler, has been missing for almost a week after he took off near the Petco off of Nevada.

Karen Sagahon and her husband have been passing out flyers all over town, in hopes that someone will find him.

They tell 11 News they have covered almost 100 miles around Colorado Springs searching for any sign of him.

Sagahon is a disabled vet with PTSD and Tyler is her emotional assistance dog.

"To lose him now is devastating because he is our child, he's my service dog, he helps me get through each day...I need him and he needs me," said Sagahon.

Sagahon tells 11 News she carries a pack with her while they're searching that has a blanket, food and water inside, in case they find him.

Sagahon and her husband say they have been overwhelmed by the outreach of support they have received. Complete strangers have even offered to help them look for Tyler.

If you see him, contact Sagahon at 719-510-5574.