Colorado Springs Together Closing Mountain Shadows Community Center

In another sign of robust rebuilding in the year after the Waldo Canyon Fire, non-profit organization Colorado Springs Together has announced that they are closing their community center in Mountain Shadows.

The center opened its doors immediately following the destruction of 347 homes in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood in June of last year. Colorado Springs Together was founded at the same time.

“The hundreds of Mountain Shadows residents who used the Colorado Springs Together Center for meetings, consultation with our volunteers about insurance, debris removal or rebuilding, and for reconnecting with neighbors during the earliest months of the recovery from the Waldo Canyon Fire know well the value that this asset brought,” Bob Cutter, president and founder of Colorado Springs Together, said in a statement.

Colorado Springs Together says declining use drove the decision to close the center. For them, the fading need for the services the center provided is a positive thing.

"[It] reflects the continued fast pace of rebuilding," the organization said in a statement released Wednesday, referencing the 91 homes that have already been rebuilt and the 119 in progress.

The center will close Thursday afternoon.