Pueblo Police On Accident Alert Status

The Pueblo Police Department is currently on Accident Alert Status (AAS).

AAS, also known as cold reporting, is standard when road conditions place drivers at a higher risk of getting involved in a crash, as it helps law enforcement prioritize what crashes necessitate response.

When AAS is in effect, if there is a traffic accident and the following criteria are met, drivers can exchange information and file a cold report:

1) None of the drivers is suspected of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2) No one requires medical attention.

3) All drivers are still at the accident scene and have their license, registration and insurance information.

4) No public property was damaged (things like street signs or utility poles).

5) There was less than $1,000 in total damages to all involved vehicles.

If a wrecker was needed, but the above otherwise applies, you can still file a cold report.

The Pueblo Police Department says the report can be made at the police station on 200 S. Main St. within 72 hours of the collision. If more than one vehicle is involved in the crash, all involved can exchange information and agree on a time to meet at the police station.