Springs Mom Sues After Son Dies Using Synthetic Marijuana

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A Colorado Springs mom is suing the owners of a convenience store for selling her son a product that she says killed him.

Stephane Colbert's son, Nicholas, died two years ago.

"He was asleep, so I went to shake him awake and I realized he was gone," said Colbert.

The 19-year-old died after smoking synthetic marijuana, which is also called "Spice."

It was sold at the convenience store as incense. It came in a bottle labeled Mr. Smiley, which clearly says is not for human consumption.

"It's as bad as any drug out there," said Colbert.

She says that her son bought it at the Kwik Stop at Fountain and Chelton in Colorado Springs, and she is now suing the owners for wrongful death.

"There's got to be a way to get rid of this," said Colbert. "There are no words that express the fact that they took a young man's life. They took my child."

11 News spoke to one of the owners of the convenience store. She says she used to sell Spice in the store, but not anymore.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by 11 News, the incense manufacturer is not labeled on the bottle. They are believed to be operating in China, and therefore the Kwik Stop has been deemed the manufacturer.

Colbert hopes to take her case to trial and share her story with other parents in the hopes of preventing another death.

It became illegal to buy and sell synthetic marijuana in July of 2011, almost three months before Nicholas Colbert died.