Colorado Springs Mom Delivers Baby In Car

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A Fort Carson soldier and his wife deliver their baby in an unexpected place--in her car.

The newest addition to the Holcomb family is baby Ava.

"She was seven pounds, six ounces, 20 inches, super healthy, perfect little baby," said proud mom, Sarah Holcomb.

Sarah, her husband Nick and big sister Aislynn are adjusting to life as a family of four, after an unforgettable delivery.

"Everything turned out perfect," said Sarah.

After her water broke, Sarah and Nick drove to Evans Army Community Hospital on the Mountain Post, but they never made it inside.

"By the time I got to the parking lot, I knew it was going to happen right there," said Sarah.

She delivered Ava in the front seat of their car, with the help of her husband and a delivery and labor nurse who ran outside to help.

"I was kind of panicked, and then I was thinking 'this is happening,'" said Sarah.

Nick tells 11 News he tried to help any way he could.

"They needed a shoelace for the umbilical cord and so I was ripping off shoelaces," said new dad Nick.

There were no complications during the delivery, and both mom and baby were released from the hospital the next day.

It's a delivery story that the family can't wait to share with their new daughter when she's a little older.