Colorado Springs City Council Approves Utility Rate Increase

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Utility rates are going up for customers of Colorado Springs Utilities at the beginning of next year.

The new rates will start in January 2014.

The Colorado Springs City Council voted Tuesday to approve an increase to utility rates.

Colorado Springs Utilities explains the breakdown for the typical monthly bill for residential customers like this:

With current prices a typical household pays about $199 per month for their utility bill. Under the new monthly rates, that monthly bill will be about $207, an overall increase of a little more than $8.

Council member Joel Miller voted for the increased rates reluctantly, saying he regrets having to support an increase in cost of living for residents.

"The large portion of the increase is due to capital investment for meeting federal EPA standards for our coal-fired power plants, which are still by far cheaper than the alternatives," Miller said.

The rate increases passed with a 7-2 vote, with council president Keith King and council member Helen Collins voting no.

“Two hundred and forty-nine utilities employees are paid more than $100,000,” Collins said. “I find that raising rates and then giving everyone raises is not a good idea. "

Colorado Springs Utilities has a rate calculator that can help customers figure out what their bills will look like. To use the calculator, click the to the right of the article.