Colorado Man Battles Flesh Eating Disease

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Doctors are working to save the life of a Colorado man.

He has a flesh eating disease. He has already lost an arm and may lose his legs.

Doctors are working to determine the cause of the infection. The Center for Disease Control says you can get it from things like insect bites, cuts or from health problems that lower the body’s ability to fight infections in general.

Rick Graham's family thinks he may have gotten the infection from a spider bite or from a wound he got in a motorcycle wreck. He was injured in that crash last month in Delta, that's on the Western Slope.

Graham was first treated at a hospital where they only gave him a ten percent chance to live. Then he was rushed to the burn unit at University of Colorado in Denver. The infection is so severe doctors had to amputate his arm.

Graham's daughter is devastated by what he's going through.

"You have to think about how this person is going to be okay with their life and what you're going to be able to do to help him and get what he needs to live an everyday life after something like this,” Tabitha Lightner said.

We are told doctors are trying to cut away the infection but it's eating at him faster than they can work. They say they are doing all they can.

The CDC says if you have a strong immune system and practice good hygiene it's very unlikely you would get the disease.

We will continue to bring you updates on Rick Graham's situation.