Colorado Lawmakers Weigh In On “Fiscal Cliff”

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The deadline is looming, but with Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks just around the corner, our national leaders don’t have much time to come to an agreement about how to avoid the “Fiscal Cliff.”

11 News spoke with Congressman Doug Lamborn this morning on 11 News this Morning in an exclusive interview about what happens if lawmakers are not able to come to an agreement before the end of the year.

Lamborn said, “We’re closer to a deadline. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get the politicians in Washington to wake up and take action… If it turns out that we have to finish in January or February, I think that everyone would understand that a change in tax rates would be retroactive to the first of the year, and that wouldn’t be too disruptive.”

You can see the rest of the interview by watching the video above.

11 News also reached out to Senator Bennet and Senator Udall’s offices. Senator Udall sent us this statement:

“Our top priority in Washington needs to be getting our fiscal house in order and reaching a balanced, bipartisan deal to keep us from going off the fiscal cliff. The stakes are too high for Colorado businesses and workers to risk another recession.

“Our plan should include a mix of targeted spending cuts and increased revenue while shoring up our nation’s social safety nets. This approach will set our budget – and economy – on stable, sustainable footing. What’s clear from the election and the path Colorado voters chose is that we cannot extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, simply because we can’t afford it.

“The Marines have a saying that every crisis is an opportunity in disguise. I plan to push my colleagues to use the fiscal cliff and the upcoming automatic budget cuts as an opportunity to implement a comprehensive, balanced plan in the spirit of Simpson-Bowles.”