Colorado Gun Law Opposition Draws Large Crowd

A standing room only crowd showed their support for a lawsuit aimed at new gun laws in Colorado.

Of the 62 sheriffs in Colorado, 55 back the lawsuit. This includes El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, who co-hosted the Tuesday night event alongside the Independence Institute research director. The Independence Institute, a Colorado-based think/action tank, is leading the civil rights lawsuit.

The event Tuesday night brought to Colorado Springs the sheriffs of Weld County and Larimer County. A crowd of more than 800 showed up to greet them at Freedom Financial Services Expo Center. Representatives explained to the crowd their plan to try to prove new gun laws in Colorado are unenforceable and even unconstitutional.

The new gun laws include one that requires background checks on private sales; another would ban ammunition magazines over 15 rounds.

Those in attendance think lawmakers can't ignore the response generated by these new measures.

"I do believe this is an accurate reflection of the political climate in the state,” said Ellie Blacketer. “I think this group of people definitely represents that accurately."

Sheriffs are using personal funds to back the lawsuit, which is also being supported by donations to the Independence Institute through events like the one Tuesday night.