WATCH: Colorado Fire Officials Warn About Teens Taking The ‘Fire Challenge’

Credit: CBS
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It's called "the fire challenge" and Colorado fire officials are warning the internet trend is extremely dangerous.

Here's how it works. The person, usually a teen, douses himself or herself with a flammable liquid and then sets it on fire. The videos are then posted on the internet.

Participants have been rushed to the hospital and at least one person has died, according to KKTV sister station KCNC.

WARNING: Some viewers may consider some content in the flowing video disturbing.

Fire officials say parents need to talk to their kids.

“They’re already looking at the sites, they’re seeing the videos. We can’t step back and pretend it’s not out there,” Micki Trost with the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control said.

Fire officials warn that not only is it a risk to the people involved, but because an accelerant is used fire could easily spread throughout the homes where it’s being tried.