Colorado Civil Air Patrol Finds Missing Man

Credit: Cheyenne County Sheriff's Office

Team members with the Colorado Civil Air Patrol found a missing man from Kansas Wednesday afternoon.

Clark Nelson, 66, from Kansas was driving in Cheyenne County when he turned off on a dirt road and got stuck in a field. He called the sheriff's office, but they were not able to immediately find him.

His phone was not GPS enabled, but the Civil Air Patrol used cell phone forensics to narrow their search areas from where he made calls to 911. An aircrew spotted Nelson's Chevy Tahoe, then a ground team from the Colorado Springs Cadet Squadron reached the SUV.

Nelson was in the vehicle. He was hungry and thirsty, but otherwise in good health. He was taken to Keith Memorial Hospital in Cheyenne County for a welfare check.

The Cheyenne County Sheriff's Office says it was the right choice for Nelson to stay with his vehicle. In a Facebook post they said, "We cannot stress how important it is if you get lost and stuck in an unfamiliar area to stay with the vehicle."