Colorado Bureau Of Investigation Announces Launch Of Updated Sex Offender Website

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has announced the launch of the state's overhauled sex offender website, the culmination of two years' work.

The updated website expands on the previous version. Among the changes: users can add zip codes to a "watch list" and be alerted when sex offenders move into those zip codes, the site can be accessed through any mobile or desktop device, and the site now offers photos of sex offenders with detailed conviction information.

“Changes to the website will provide visitors with a robust resource to access Colorado’s sex offender information,” CBI Director Ron Sloan said in a statement Wednesday. “The dedication of the team working to make this project a reality has enhanced this valuable tool to increase public safety throughout the state.”

Other website highlights:

-Customized email notifications about a specific sex offender
-Ability to search by an alias
-Information on fugitive sex offenders is accessible
-Expanded geographical search capabilities
-The site will now allow users to see more specific convictions; previously some sex offender conviction information only came up as the generic term "sexual assault."
-Improves the ability of law enforcement to share information