Colorado Boy Slain At Mexico Vacation Home

Credit: KCNC/Facebook
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A little boy was attacked and drowned during a family vacation in Mexico.

His 7-year-old brother was inside the family's rental home and was unharmed.

Two-year-old Axel Charrette was left outside by his caregiver, a local woman, after the woman's ex-boyfriend showed up at the home in a violent rage, prompting her to lock herself inside a bathroom, the family said in a statement. The family said she did so out of fear.

"The boyfriend, for reasons unknown, hurt Axel, then threw him in the pool, leaving him to drown," the family said.

The prosecutor’s office in the state of Nayarit said that the ex-boyfriend had been arrested and charged with rape and murder in the Feb. 28 attack. Prosecutors said the babysitter has been charged with homicide for failing to stop the attack and with lying about it to medical personnel.

The Charrette family hails from Ridgway, Colo. and returned to their home in Monday.