Illegal Immigrant Students To Pay Less College Tuition

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The Colorado House passed a proposal Friday that would allow illegal immigrant students to pay lower college tuition rates.

Undocumented students, who want to go to colleges and universities across the state, now will not have to pay as much as they have in the past.

The Colorado House passed a proposal that allows students, who graduate from Colorado High Schools, have an equivalent degree, to attend colleges at the in-state tuition rate, regardless of their immigration status.

Currently students in the country illegally, pay the nonresident tuition rate. That can be more than three times higher than the in-state rate.

It’s an issue that’s been debated in Colorado for a decade.

Now the proposal heads to Governor John Hickenlooper, who is expected to sign it sometime this month.

Those of you we talked to in the Colorado Springs community had mixed reactions.

“I think it's wrong, it should be going to people that live here, rightfully."

"I feel they're here working hard just like we are. It helps them out and helps them do better for their lives."

While many Colorado republicans argued that federal immigration overhaul needed to happen first, three republicans joined in on the vote Friday.

Locally, Catholic Charities of Central Colorado, along with the Denver and Pueblo Dioceses, showed their support for the bill last week, highlighting the importance of education and how it will impact our economic future.

According to a press release by Catholic Charities, the law would only apply to those who have attended a Colorado high school a minimum of three years immediately preceding graduation, or received a General Equivalency Diploma in Colorado.

If the Governor signs the law, Colorado will soon join 12 other states, including Texas and Utah, in allowing students who are illegal immigration to pay in-state tuition rates.