Colo. Gun Laws Take Effect As Debate Continues

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Ammunition magazine limits and universal background check requirements are set to take effect in Colorado on Monday, even as county sheriffs fight to overturn the new laws in court.

But after months of tense debate among state officials, the signature pieces of Colorado Democrats' gun control legislation are moving from abstract to tangible.

Some gun stores already are stocking smaller magazines to comply with the 15-round limit. And in the coming months, the public will see how the expansion of background checks to private and online sales will work.

Gun shop owners described the days leading up to July 1 as "hectic," with a huge boost in customers and sales as people scrambled to make purchases before the new laws took effect. One shop owner told 11 News the law limiting magazine rounds seemed to be causing panic among many people.

"There are times people rush to buy something and they're not really giving full thought to what they're doing. It’s more of a panic mode," Paul Paradis, owner of Paradise Sales, said.

Paradis said he believed a "riled up" public would eventually pressure the government into throwing out the new gun laws.

"I really have faith...that they're going to force this law to disappear," he said.

The sheriffs challenging the law will be in court again on July 10. They are seeking to temporarily block the magazine limit while their lawsuit proceeds.

Some people told 11 News that they do see the purpose the behind the new laws.

"I can't see why someone would need all that many bullets in one magazine. Some nut eventually is going to shoot a bunch of people, and maybe he'll shoot three or four less,” one consumer said.