College Friend Talks About Alleged Killer

Former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Jordan Dorner is seen in this image provided by the Irvine, Calif., Police Department via The Orange County Register. (Credit: AP Photo/Irvine Police Department via The Orange County Register)
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A law enforcement officer says authorities found weapons in the burned-out pickup truck of the former Los Angeles police officer who's wanted in three killings.

The officer spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

11 News talked with a college friend of Chris Dorner, who got to know him as a young man. We're not revealing this man's name while Dorner remains on the run. He was on the football team with Dorner in Southern Utah.

He said they were close friends for a while, but tells 11 News that hearing about all the things Dorner's accused of isn't surprising. The two met freshman year of college, and he described Dorner as bi-polar and moody.

"He was moody, there were red flags all over the place, you could ask anybody on the team. Had they asked me, had the Navy asked me or anything of that nature, he wouldn't have gotten in."

He told us the coverage of Dorner's past is skewed. Investigators say the 33-year-old suspect wrote a manifesto professing he was bullied.

"(Dorner) got on that manifesto and painted a picture that wasn't true."

His college friend says occasionally, it was Dorner that was the bully, adding that he held on to grudges, refusing to let little things go.

"When he was your friend, he was tight. When he, obviously, in our fight as I described to you, when he hates, he hates."

The truck was found Thursday in the San Bernardino Mountains near Big Bear Lake, spurring a massive manhunt for Dorner in the snowy mountains.

Investigators have been examining the truck to determine if it broke down or was set ablaze as a diversion. Police say the truck had a broken axle. Investigators are trying to determine whether it was already broken when they found it, or whether it was damaged when it was towed away.

The friend also said Dorner was a very smart man. Very engaging when he wanted to be, but believes he's leading investigators on a goose chase.

Authorities believe Dorner remains armed and dangerous, and may have as many as 30 weapons with him.