Closer Look At Fire Damage At Drake Power Plant

KKTV 11 News got a firsthand look at fire damage inside the Drake Power Plant in downtown Colorado Springs.

The fire shut down the plant, and Springs Utilities does not know how long it will take to make the necessary repairs to get the coal plant up and running again.

The fire was mostly contained to unit number 5, one of the three main turbines in the plant and a few offices.

The fire caused paint and metal to melt off unit 5.

Colorado Springs Utilities spoke with 11 News about the extent of the damage.

"The damage, the area that we're focused on the most is related to the electrical system and the control system. Mechanically, unit 6 and 7 appear to be in really good condition. We haven't done an assessment on any units yet, but from the outside 6 and 7 look to be untouched," Daniel Higgins says.

Springs Utilities is getting power from three other plants and buying additional power from other companies they already have agreements with.