Clements Investigation: Guolee's Mother Has Message For Her Son

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The mother of a man who is considered "a person of interest" in the Tom Clements murder investigation is asking her son to turn himself over to police.

11 News reporter Mecca Rayne spoke with Thomas Guolee's mother Deborah. She said she has a message for her son. " Thomas James, if you listen to this or you see it or somebody tells you , turn yourself in hun, please."

Guolee's mother said she is concerned about her son and his daughter. She said, " I don't want you [Thomas Guolee] dead. I want you to turn yourself in, get through all of this c---. Get your time served, get back out with a clean head and do good for you and your daughter. I love you."

The El Paso County Sheriff's office said Guolee is believed to be an associate of Evan Ebel. Ebel is the man suspected of killing Colorado Department of Corrections director Tom Clements at his home near Monument on March 19. Ebel is also suspected of killing Nathan Leon a few days earlier on March 17.

The Sheriff's office said Guolee is part of the 211 Crew, the same white supremacist gang of which Even Ebel was a member.

Thomas James Guolee is described as a 31-year-old male who is 5' 9" tall, 160 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes. He also has several tattoos. Guolee has felony warrants for his arrest that are unrelated to the Clements investigation.

Guolee is considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, call 911.

Ebel was killed in a shootout with law enforcement in Texas on March 21.

Texas authorities said Ebel shot Texas Sheriff's Deputy James Boyd multiple times in the chest during a traffic stop, triggering a chase and shootout. Boyd was wearing a bullet proof vest and survived the shooting.

Another person of interest, James Lohr, was arrested in the early morning hours of April 5 after a short chase with Colorado Springs Police. A gun was also recovered. Lohr is also believed to be a part of the 211 Crew and an associate of Ebel.