Cleanup Continues Along Highway 24

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You can expect to see more cleanup the next few days on Highway 24. Crews from the Colorado Department of Transportation are cleaning up debris left behind by Saturday’s mudslide. Delays are possible until Friday.

11 News talked with the Lorbetkse family Sunday night. They live in Woodland Park, and use Ute Pass to get to work in Colorado Springs. They're concerned about how many times the highway has had to shut down this past week for flash flooding concerns.

Highway 24 was forced to close four times, more than once, Tania Lorbetske got caught on the Springs side, away from her two daughters.

"It's been frustrating," Tania Lorbetkse said.

Her husband, Raymond, also works in the Springs and they're worried both of them could get stuck.

“The thing is you don't know. Is it three or four times in one week? How many times could it be next week? What do you do," Raymond Lorbetkse said.

"We got a home phone, we have the neighbors checking on them just in case of emergency," Tania added.

Hank Fildes lives near the Lorbetske's and also has to commute across Ute Pass for work.

"A lot of people I can speak for are really frustrated, but I mean we can't control it," Fildes said.

"It's a waiting game, you have no place to go and nothing to do, just try to stay in communication and contact, and make sure that everything is good and everybody safe," Raymond said.

Sunday, CDOT continued the cleanup near Cascade. They told us, while both lanes are open in both directions; they may close down one lane at a time this week while they complete their work, so drivers should expect delays.

CDOT told us the sediment pond that's supposed to help contain the runoff was cleaned out Wednesday, but it filled up again and overflowed, and that's what caused the mudslide.