Aftermath of Major Flooding

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Many people are cleaning up after flooding left a big mess in many areas.

One of the hardest hit areas was Crystola on Highway 24.

Terry Miles, an 11 News Viewer, shot video of fast-moving water along the Fountain Creek bed in front of her house.

The water was so powerful, it was moved a 19,000 pound backhoe about 150 feet in a matter of seconds.

Once the rain stopped, the creek bed dried out quickly, but the backhoe remained buried in sand and debris.

A group of men spent two hours Friday digging around the backhoe, and were finally able to get it out.

The owner tells 11 News he found out his backhoe had washed down the creek while watching TV.

"We were watching 11 News last night about a loader floating down the creek, and I look at my wife and she looks at me, and said that's our tractor," said Darrel Markus.

There's no word yet on the extent of damage to the backhoe.

Just down the street, a bridge was washed out by flood waters.

The manager of a nearby motel tells 11 News he spent hours on Friday picking up debris, but for now the bridge is unusable.