Clean-Up Efforts Moving At Fast Pace In Months Since Waldo Canyon Fire

Cadets from the Air Force Academy assist with clean-up efforts in Mountain Shadows on August 27, 2012.

It's been nearly four months since the most destructive fire in Colorado history destroyed almost 350 homes in Colorado Springs.

According to Mayor Steve Bach, significant progress has been made in the clean-up efforts in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood since the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Bach says only 21 homes out of 347 still need a demolition permit to clear what's left on their property. He says this is an incredibly fast pace, particularly considering the amount of damage.

"There was a similar fire in Boulder. That happened two years ago and we are considerably ahead in our clean-up stages."

According to Bach, those who lost homes are split on whether or not they will rebuild in Mountain Shadows, leaving questions on what development in that area will look like over the next several months.