City Assess Flood Damage To Helen Hunt Falls And Seven Falls

We are getting a better idea of just how much flood damage was done to North Cheyenne Canon and Seven Falls in Colorado Springs.

11 News took tour with the city as they assessed the damage.

The city says it could take quite awhile before they can even get North Cheyenne Canyon Road back open.

Seven Falls is privately owned and their damage is so significant they can't even get equipment in to start repairs.

Just past the Seven Falls entrance sign you can see water rushing over the road. Water buckled the road and ripped the pavement apart in spots. Most of the trails have erosion damage.

The water levels at Helen Hunt Falls are still pretty high but the visitor’s center is okay. 11 News talked to the city about how they plan to handle the repairs.

"We're really trying to be very cautious as we go through and assess those to make sure when we do allow folks back into those areas that are currently closed -- that they are as safe as possible,” said Karen Palus, Colorado Springs Parks and Trails Director.

The initial assessment for flood-related damage done to the city parks road and trails is estimated at $4.4 million dollars. The city does plan to talk with FEMA to see if they could get any reimbursement help.