City Speaks On Flood Risks Over Waldo Burn Scar

City leaders are unveiling their plans to protect those living near the Waldo Canyon burn scar from the heightened risk for flash flooding.

The issue took center stage at the mayor's meeting in Colorado Springs on Wednesday. The city has received close to $1 million in federal funding, including a grant for 100 thousand sand bags for nearby neighborhoods. The city also plans to replant vegetation in the spring.

"The ground just does not absorb the water and so as we look at flood risks, we want to make sure we educate the community; we're going to have a series of meetings, so they can understand how to be prepared and what we're doing as well,” Bret Waters, Emergency Manager Director said.

The city will hold a series of flood risk meetings for the public. The first one will be held on January 29 from 6-8 p.m. at the Sanctuary at Front Range Alliance Church, 5210 Centennial Blvd.