City Responds To Questions About Royal Gorge Bridge, Park Damage

An image of the Royal Gorge Bridge. PHOTO BY JOHN WARK

The Royal Gorge Bridge is still spanning the Gorge, but the rest of the park attractions sustained heavy damage, according to a release issued Wednesday night by the city of Canon City.

Several buildings and structures remain intact on both the north and south rims of the Gorge, but their conditions have not been evaluated or inspected due to the fire still burning in the area. Several more structures have sustained heavy damage.

The city says a cursory review of the bridge shows that it only sustained minimal damage.

Wildlife - including buffalo, elk, bighorn sheep and saddle horses- are all reported to be okay and are being watched closely. The city says they are providing the animals with fresh water and food.

Rebuilding efforts will begin as soon as the fire is out and more in-depth reviews of the damage can be made. The city says they have already been in contact with their insurance company, who understands the significance of the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park to the community.