City Responds To Flash Flooding Concern

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Water rushes down the drainage ditch at Chestnut and Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Business owner Mary Ripper Baker describes the scene as a roaring river.

“Tidal wave after tidal wave coming over this bend in the road and into the back of the building,” explained Ripper Baker.

11 News showed Colorado Springs city engineer, Steve Burke, the video and asked him about the wild rushing water.

“It appears that everything has worked just exactly the way it was supposed to,” said Burke.

But Wednesday's storm moved over the burn scar quickly. 11 News Chief Meteorologist Brian Bledsoe says next time the storm could linger longer right over the burn scar.

“My fear is that when we get a bigger storm, producing more rain that is moving a whole lot slower than the storms yesterday, that same ditch that performed very well yesterday won't perform so well because of the increase in the amounts of water,” explained Bledsoe.

11 News asked Burke if he thinks the ditch can handle more water.

“Yeah, I absolutely do think it could handle more. As you can see in the video, this channel wasn't to capacity."

The city engineer says there are no plans to make the ditch any larger. He says the city recently completed two miles of storm water repair work on this ditch. They re-lined the bottom of it and fixed the concrete.