City Releases Budget Proposal For Stormwater Projects

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Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach wants millions of dollars set aside for stormwater projects for the city.

City officials have released a breakdown of how exactly the money would be spent.

"The goal is to have reliable stormwater systems. We have an aging infrastructure, so the goal is to fix some of the stuff, replace it," said Colorado Springs Stormwater Manager Tim Mitros.

One of the areas of concern is along North and South Douglas Creek.

Of the $25 million that Mayor Bach is proposing for stormwater projects, $5 million would be used for repairs along North and South Douglas Creek.

There is significant damage in some spots, including a section near 30th Street and Flying W Ranch Road.

Colorado Springs Stormwater Specialist Jeff Besse tells 11 News that the damage is partly because the channel is aging and has extensive wear and tear. The flooding over the summer only made the problem worse.

"North and South Douglas Creek are high on the list of priorities not only because there has been damage in these basins for years, but also because they are connected to the burn scar area," said Besse.

Bach is also proposing spending millions of dollars on repairs along Camp Creek, which is another area of high concern.

Colorado Springs City Council still has to approve the budget. There are reported concerns by some council members that the mayor's plan does not address everyone's needs in the region.