City Leaders Continue To Explore Ways To Prevent Flash Flooding

Catch basins like the one pictured helped prevent 52,000 tons of debris from coming into Colorado Springs in summer 2013.

City leaders are working to find ways to better handle the risks of flash flooding.

As we've seen this past summer, whenever rain falls over the Waldo Canyon burn scar, there's a threat of flash flooding.

Colorado Springs city leaders held the fourth of four town hall meetings Tuesday, in which they discussed how vital one of their projects has been to lessening the impact of flash flooding. A few months ago, catch basins were created in the Flying W Ranch property. The basins stopped 52,000 tons of debris from coming down into Colorado Springs.

Leaders say Tuesday night's meeting was all about public input.

"So far, we've heard regional's a great idea, we need a master plan that encompasses the entire water shed, another good idea," Dave Munger, the co-facilitator for the Stormwater Project, said.