City For Champions Project

In an effort to answer questions about City for Champions, project leaders held an open meeting Tuesday to discus updates and concerns.

The proposed $100 million-plus plan will bring four attractions to Colorado Springs. It will include a visitor's center for the Air Force Academy, a sports medicine center at UCCS, an Olympic museum, and perhaps the crown jewel of the project: a new sport and events center in downtown Colorado Springs. The hope is to bring jobs and increase tourism to the area.

Tuesday was the second public meeting for the City for Champions project; concerns continued to grow over how this massive project would be funded.

"Initially I did not support the concept, but what I've heard the last meeting, in this meeting, I'm coming on board," Paul Klahn, who attended the meeting, said.

El Paso County Commissioner Dennis Hisey wants everyone to know that although this project is in a very early stage of planning, taxpayers won't be expected to foot the whole bill.

“The plan has always been to find funding elsewhere, was never anticipated that this would be entirely funded with public money," Hisey said.

Hisey added that it's too early to say how much of taxpayers’ dollars will used.

“My biggest concern is the funding...if none of this is going to be general fund dollars, as I understand it to be, I think it’s going to be great,” Klahn added.

"To see Colorado Springs take steps like this to improve the community and the climate for young professionals, it's really encouraging for me," David Siegel, who was at the meeting, said.

Right now, those spearheading the project say this will not create any new taxes or increase them for city or county residents.

Monday, five Colorado Springs City Council members and an El Paso County Commissioner sent a letter to Mayor Steve Bach saying they were worried about the funding for this project, and they were worried about the mayor being the sole decision maker.

A county commissioner told us Tuesday he now feels the mayor will allow more people to voice their opinions about this project.