City Crews Want More Potholes Reported

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The city of Colorado Springs is saying their crews that fix potholes are at a standstill. That's because they've stopped getting reports of where the problem areas are.

They’re asking drivers to call the city and tell them where the potholes are. Street crews have just two more weeks where they will have crews dedicated full time to fixing the problem.

"Pothole-Palooza" kicked off March 25, beginning six weeks of dedicated pothole repairs. In the past four weeks, the city has patched up 3,800 potholes.

"I’ve noticed they have actually fixed them over by Vindicator and Rockrimmon by Safeway," one driver said.

Now, they say the number of reports is dwindling and people have stopped calling in.

"I don't see them because I drive an SUV, so I sometimes hit them and then I see them. It's a little late then," another added.

Last year the city repaired more than 25,000. Crews say they hope they get more reports of potholes so they can fix a few thousand more.

To report a pothole, you can call 385-ROAD. When reporting, be as specific as possible, giving street names, which lane it's in, and what direction.

Or you can download an APP called GOCOSPRINGS. Hit the button that says "new issue," just snap a picture and the app tracks your GPS location and sends the info straight to the street crews.

In a statement on their website, the city Streets Division says:

“Due to the huge influx of calls expected, citizens should not expect a personal reply to their request. Citizens with smart phones can download the City’s mobile request app to report potholes from Potholes can also be reported through by clicking on “Customer Service” on the homepage.”