City Council Approves Amendment To Royal Gorge Master Plan

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park posted this photo on their Facebook page August 21, showing where the Cliff Terrace restaurant and Colorado Country Gift Shop once stood before the park began demolishing the destroyed structures. (Credit: Royal Gorge Bridge and Park)

The city council for Cañon City has approved an amendment to the master plan to rebuild the Royal Gorge Park.

The council voted Monday to approve the plan. It includes a design for a new North Visitor Center and $1.2 million for an amphitheater. It does not include an incline railway for the first phase of the project.

According to councilman Kevin Ditmore, a portion of the proceeds of the amphitheater will go to fund the incline in phase II.

Also included in the $23 million master plan is a zip line that is scheduled to open in 2014.

Councilmembers passed an initial plan on Oct. 7. You can see the plan that was part of the city council agenda by clicking here.