City Confirms No Data Breach

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11 News has learned there was no security breach of a local city's data. During the last month or so, concerns that there was a breach have grown within the city of Colorado Springs and their information-technology (IT) department.

In the fall, Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach and Chief of Staff Laura Neumann laid out a citywide plan and proposed budget, which included laying off several IT employees and outsourcing their jobs.

Roughly five weeks ago, the search for an outside company began.

"When you invite a firm in and they're covering and looking at every single thing, there is always the possibility that there is someone accessing your information," Neumann said.

Ten people in the city's IT department were placed on administrative leave, which Neumann told us is standard. Eight of them are now essentially being laid off and replaced.

Concerns of a data breach grew. Neumann said they define a breach as stealing information.

"We've been undergoing this for five weeks, and no proof of any sort that there has been a theft of data," Neumann said.

The new outsourced firm is from Colorado and has already started.

Those eight people have been offered severance-type packages, and depending on the person, have between 21 or 45 days to accept or go a different route.

The city says the move isn't about saving money, but providing more services for Colorado Springs.