City Council Split on Fracking; Measure Does Not Pass

A decision made by the Colorado Springs City Council decided not to approve oil and gas drilling regulations within city limits.

The decision was technically a tie, but in the case of a tie City Council rules state the measure will not pass.

Since there are no regulations for drilling including fracking, no permits can be issued at this time.

Council members that voted against the measure include: Brandy Williams, Scott Hente, Jan Martin, and Val Snider. Members that voted for the measure include: Tim Leigh, William "Bernie" Herpin, Angela Dougan, and Merv Bennett. Councilwoman Lisa Czelatdko was not present.

A rally was held outside of city hall this morning, opposing the city of Colorado Springs opening the door to fracking regulations in our city limits.

The city is expected to vote on the fracking issue today.

11 News will be at the city council meeting today for that vote. We will be sure to let you know what happens.