Police: Cigarette Helps Suspect Surrender

Pueblo police say a cigarette helped coax a hostile suspect off a roof, ending a SWAT situation.

Officers gave the suspect a cigarette after repeated negotiations, pepper spray and firing non-lethal bean bags failed to convince him to surrender.

Police were called to the 1300 block of Stone Avenue after receiving reports that an "unwanted" man was trying to enter a home. Responding officers said that when they got on scene, 37-year-old Lawrence Gallardo standing on the roof of the home talking to himself while holding a shovel and knife.

Police attempted to negotiate with him, which they say provoked Gallardo to start threatening officers. A short time later, police say Gallardo threw the shovel at officers, almost hitting them. SWAT was then called to help.

Negotiations continued and still didn't work, forcing law enforcement to take physical measures. Gallardo reportedly dropped his weapons after the bean bags were fired, but still wouldn't come down. Pepper spray was then used, which police say calmed down some, but still didn't convince him to surrender.

Authorities began negotiations again and gave Gallardo a cigarette. After doing so, he jumped off the roof and allowed officers to take him into custody without incident.

Gallardo was taken to a hospital for medical clearance before being booked in the Pueblo County Jail. He's being held on a no bond warrant for unlawful sexual contact, first-degree burglary, domestic violence and a restraining order violation.