Church Provides Thanksgiving Dinner For Hundreds

It's a tradition that spans over decades: Circle Drive Baptist Church opens their doors to hundreds during the Thanksgiving holiday.

For 25 years, the congregation has been giving out food and clothes to the community. Hundreds of people show up each year for the church's annual Thanksgiving feast, and Saturday was no exception. Copious amounts of Thanksgiving dinner staples were donated--everything from 52 turkeys to 170 pies--to feed close to 1,000 people.

"They don't go through a line, we sit them at the table and we serve them," one volunteer told 11 News, explaining how the dinner works. The event is months in the making and takes enormous manpower from the church, with almost 200 volunteers helping to ensure the event runs seamlessly.

In addition to food, Circle Drive Baptist helps those in need by providing hundreds of coats, gloves, hats and scarves. One woman, whose family had just moved to the Springs, told 11 News how grateful she was for the congregation's generosity.

"Anything helps with my family right now. He grows so fast and a jacket here in Colorado is necessary. We are from San Diego, and in the cold we need jackets."

Others were touched by seeing so many volunteers willing to reach out to the community.

"They were willing to give their time and feed so many people. People that didn't have anything to eat or people that just wanted to fellowship together," one attendee told 11 News.

"It not only helps the homeless, those with an economic disadvantage, but for me, I got to get a coat for my grandson and my own coat. I'm just really overjoyed that people can be giving like that," another said.