Church Gives To Community For 25th Time

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Circle Drive Baptist Church has been giving out food and clothes to the community now for 25 years.

It’s a tradition they hope to continue for decades to come.

“We want to love people, we want to serve people, and they deserve the best,” said Lead Pastor Mike Routt.

And the best is what people get every year at their annual Thanksgiving Feast, thanks to the generosity of the church and its members.

"We love to reflect God's love to people just in a very generous way of serving people, loving people, and helping people. That's our motivation,” said Pastor Mike Routt.

Around one thousand people are treated to a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings each year.

Everything from the 52 turkeys to the 170 pies are donated, so people can enjoy the meal for free.

“"They don't go through a line, we sit them at the table and we serve them. We want to add dignity to their lives and let them know that they really matter to us and to God,” said Routt.

It’s an event that is months in the making and takes 170 volunteers.

"That they were willing to give their time and feed so many people. People that didn't have anything to eat or people that just wanted to fellowship together,” said Karen Titus. “And they gave up their Saturday and their time and they really worked hard. It’s a lot of work, so I appreciate it.”

They also help those in need by giving out over 480 coats, plus gloves, hats and scarves.

Nichole Garcia was surprised by the reach of the church. She and her two kids were invited by total strangers.

"It’s tremendous, a lot of help. Anything helps with my family right now. He grows so fast and a jacket here in Colorado is necessary, we are from San Diego and in the cold we need jackets,” said Garcia.

"It not only helps the homeless, those with an economic disadvantage but for me I got to get a coat for my grandson. And my own coat and I'm just really overjoyed that people can be giving like that,” said Debra Meyer.

Church leaders say the word continues to spread each year and they see many new faces. They hope even more will come next time around.

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