Church Cross Mysteriously Fixed

The cross and a sign of thanks from the church to the Good Samaritan: "Hey Pardner, thanks for fixing our wind damage!"
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Leaving behind only tire tracks, someone anonymously repaired a broken 20-foot cross at a Springs church.

Ever since, Pastor Tim Norris of Faith Bible Church has wondered who this anonymous giver could be.

After asking around, 11 News reporter Dave Nancarrow says the mystery is solved.

Dave Palacio works at the Sand Creek Golf Course clubhouse across the street from Faith Bible Church, but beyond proximity has no other connection to the church.

But he says when he saw the cross flat on the ground, having broken at the base, he had to do something about it.

"I just used my truck and set it back up," Palacio told 11 News.

Palacio says that the cross was still in good shape when he got to it. By using his own truck and getting assistance from a friend, he only spent $1.50 repairing it.

Norris says the gesture was extremely meaningful and wants to shake the hand of the man behind it.

"I think the whole of Colorado Springs needs to know there are some pretty thoughtful and special people working around our neighborhoods," Norris told 11 News.

Palacio says he only did what good neighbors should do.

"We just need more of that kind of thing these days. We need to take care of each other," he said.

The church still doesn't know why the cross fell, though wind or moisture weakening the base are both possible culprits. They're just thrilled that it has been restored, and grateful to a stranger's charitable spirit.