Children Inside Home during Hash Oil Explosion

Image taken from video courtesy of KCNC
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A man is in the hospital after police say he and a woman caused an explosion while making hash oil Saturday night.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says an 8-month old child and a 3-year-old child were in the Littleton home at the time.

The couple could face charges of child abuse and arson.

Neighbors told KKTV sister station KCNC they were shocked by what happened.

“We saw all the flashing lights that I came out to find out it was drugs being cooked or whatever, I went ‘oh gosh,’” neighbor Shannon Minger said.

Hash oil explosions are not uncommon, but although it can be dangerous, cooking hash is becoming a trend.

“The end result is the hash oil is a very concentrated THC level that’s derived from marijuana. So it can be used for cooking edibles. It can also be smoked. There’s different ways they can use it,” Mark Techmeyer from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department told KCNC.

The man remains in the hospital with minor injuries, according to KCNC.