Children Bitten By Coyote At City Park

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When most people think of animal attacks in Colorado, bears and mountain lions might come to mind.

Unfortunately for two families, a day at Goose Gossage Park near Fillmore and Mark Dabling turned into a nightmare after a coyote attacked two small kids in the same day in the same area.

The mother of the 2-year-old girl who was attacked talked to us about the ordeal.

It was broad daylight at a crowded park. Raegan had just come down the slide and was standing a few feet behind her mother while her brother was on his way down.

Just seconds later, the little girl was crouched over in pain and bleeding. She had been bitten by a coyote in an attack so quick that no one nearby realized what happened until her mother caught a glimpse of a coyote running back into the nearby woods.

Jennifer rushed over to her daughter and bystanders called 911. The pictures are pretty hard to look at; the toddler sustained lacerations to the head, she had to get staples in her back and she also had to get a rabies shot.

Raegan's ordeal is far from over; she will have to go to the doctor for the next few weeks for checkups.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officials have confirmed the two reports and say they are actively searching for the animals.

"Anytime they come in physical contact with a human, that's the kind of behavior that's not tolerated," Parks and Wildlife spokesman Michael Seraphin said.

Until they find it, they will be in the area alerting parkgoers.

Jennifer hopes other parents will realize that even in the middle of the city, unexpected wildlife encounter can happen--and can happen even if you're just a few feet away from your child.

"I just want people to be aware...I was that close, like two feet away," she said.

On the Front Range, anytime a person goes outside, an encounter with an animal is possible. Parks and Wildlife officials suggest taking proactive measures to stay safe. One idea: fill an empty soda can with pebbles or coins, and carry that around when outside. Shaking it can make a lot of noise, and often will scare an animal away.

If that doesn't work, Parks and Wildlife suggests throwing the can at the animal.

If you see coyotes or other predators wandering your neighborhood, call wildlife officials right away. That number is 719-227-5200.