Car Thief Drives Off With Child

Two people have been arrested after allegedly leaving a toddler alone in a running car while making a quick stop at this 7-Eleven. While the pair was inside the store, someone jumped in the car and took off with the child in the back seat.
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11 News is getting new information about the theft of a car--while a child was asleep in the back seat.

Late Tuesday night, Michael Morlang left his car running while he made a quick stop at a 7-Eleven near Union and Fountain in Colorado Springs. Left inside the car was his wife's 2-year-old child. His wife was at home at the time.

While Morlang and a passenger were inside the store, someone jumped in the car and took off with the child in the back seat.

Fortunately, the thief ditched the car close to the store, leaving the child behind, unharmed, still in the back seat fast asleep. While officers were talking with Morlang, a patrol officer spotted the car less than half a mile from the 7-Eleven and retrieved the child.

Morlang, who gave conflicting statements to police, is being charged with attempt to influence a public official, child abuse and an outstanding warrant.

The passenger of the vehicle, Justina Perez, is being charged with obstruction and child abuse, as well as multiple outstanding arrest warrants.

The child's now back safely with her mother.

The person who stole the car hasn't been found. At this time, police say they are still early in their investigation. No suspect description has been released. It's also not known if the suspect knew the child was in the car, and if the child's presence played a role in why the vehicle was abandoned.

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