Child Falls From Apartment Window

A 4-year-old girl is recovering after falling from a second-story window at a Colorado Springs apartment complex Wednesday afternoon.

Police say a screen in an open window became dislodged after the child leaned or pushed on it, causing her to tumble out. Her fall was about 21 feet to the ground below.

A family friend contacted 11 News Thursday morning, and said that the little girl is out of surgery.

The incident is being called an "unfortunate accident" by police.

A parent at the Pinnacle Apartments, where the incident happened, told 11 News he's concerned this is something that could easily happen again.

"There should be something, I've seen kids hanging out the windows in the past," said Mike. "They knock the screen out and the windows don't have any safety latch or anything."

As reporter Dave Nancarrow demonstrates in the video above, it takes very little weight on the screen to cause it to come loose. Most hardware stores do sell latches and locks that can reduce the odds of this sort of incident happening. Nancarrow looked for himself, and says they only cost about $3.