Child Victim and Suspect in Deadly Accident Identified

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It should have been a safe place for a father and son to be out for a walk.

But police say that as 5-year-old Ishaq Hameed and his dad, Raphael Hameed, walked down a sidewalk Tuesday evening, a car came barreling down the road, too fast for the curve the driver was trying to navigate. The driver overcorrected, which police say caused the vehicle to drive over the curb and onto the sidewalk, crashing into the little boy and his father.

Witnesses raced over to help. A nurse happened to be driving by shortly after the accident occurred and tried to provide medical assistance. People at the scene gave the boy CPR before paramedics arrived.

Little Ishaq succumbed to his injuries and died at the scene. His father was badly injured and taken to the hospital. Raphael Hameed is in critical condition as of Wednesday morning.

The four people in the car were also hospitalized, though their conditions are unknown.

"This hits harder at home than anything in the world," Jeremy Mathis said.

Mathis lives in the apartment complex close to the accident site and saw the commotion. He's the father of a 4-year-old, and says having a child so close in age to the victim made the accident even more devastating. It also scares him, because he says the spot where the accident happened is a common place for crashes to occur.

"It's the second accident in a week that's happened at this corner," he told 11 News. "Something has to be is way too dangerous.

“I have children here, I have friends with kids here, it needs to many more people have to pass away before something gets done?"

Xyrjah Goldston, 21, is facing charges of vehicular homicide-reckless and vehicular assault-reckless.

The crash happened on Murray, near Bijou Street in southeast Colorado Springs.

Springs police reported that Ishaq is 7-years-old, but his mother tells us he is 5-years-old.