Cheyenne Canon To Reopen This Weekend

Crews work on road repairs in Cheyenne Canon.

Runners, cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts are receiving an early Christmas gift.

Cheyenne Canon and Gold Camp Road, an area popular with the Springs' outdoor set, are both set to reopen over the weekend.

They've been closed for more than three months, after severe flooding in September caused major damage to the park and road. Gold Camp Road in particular was hammered by the flooding; a significant portion of the historic road was washed out between tunnels one and two, leaving a 100-foot-deep hole.

Besides repairing the washout, crews had to scale the canyon walls in Cheyenne Canon to remove any rocks in danger of falling. Workers also had to reconstruct some of the guardrails, which were damaged in the flooding.

When the area first closed, many recreational users worried it would be take many months if not a year or two to complete repairs. Workers told 11 News last month that the good weather in October and most of November allowed them to work continuously, which in turn bumped up the reopening date.

Cheyenne Canon will open up to Helen Hunt Falls Saturday. Gold Camp Road will be reopened Sunday. Presumably, this means the parking lot at the junction of Cheyenne Canon, Gold Camp Road and High Drive will be reopened, but 11 News is working to confirm for sure.

11 News is told some trails in the area will still be closed. We are working to find out which ones.