Charter School Goes On Lockdown After Break-In

A break-in near Palmer Park caused a Springs charter school to go on a short late Monday morning.

According to police, a woman living on the 2200 block of Marlborough Road, near Chelton and Maizeland, heard the sound of breaking glass and then someone getting inside her home. She yelled out and the suspect ran off. The suspect was never seen, so police do not have a description.

While responding to the call, police notified District 11 as a courtesy that there may be a crook roaming the neighborhood near the main entrance to Palmer Park. GLOBE Charter School opted to go on lockdown voluntarily, and sent out a notification to parents. The lockdown lasted from 11 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

GLOBE also says they are in the process of sending letters home to parents to explain what happened.