Parents At Lewis-Palmer High School React To Clements Shooting

We spoke with parents and school officials in D-38 to see how they're handing the situation after Department of Corrections Director Tom Clements was shot just down the street from an area high-school.

The shooting happened near the intersection of Higby and Colonial Park Drive, just a little over two miles away from Lewis-Palmer High School.

Students who live in the area of the crime were dropped off at Scarsbrook and Colonial Park Drive today, a safe distance from the crime scene.

Approximately two dozen students live near the crime scene. School officials will be contacting these parents personally to let them know what the plan is for getting them home this afternoon.

Tonight, parents say they believe Clements' shooting was an isolated incident and they are not worried for their children.

They are, however, on the lookout for the suspect vehicle described by police.