Century Link Letter To Lifeline Customers

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When I read this letter from Century Link, I thought it was suspicious too, so I wasn't surprised that Springs police were alerted.

But after I checked with Century Link, I learned it is a valid letter.

The letter says the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), requires Century Link to keep certain information on file about its Lifeline customers, mainly the date of birth.

Lifeline is a less-expensive computer service that people with limited incomes must qualify for.

The letter asks them to call an 800 number, listen to the prompts, and input their birthday. It warns the customers that if they don't, they could lose their Lifeline benefits.

A spokesman told me that Century Link thought it was the best way to reach out to its 12,000 Colorado Lifeline customers.

These days there are so many scams out there that it's easy to misunderstand one that's actually legit. Remember, we're always happy to check them out.