Cement Spill Causes Delays on I-25

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Traffic was backed up for more than an hour Friday evening after a cement truck lost part of its load on I-25.

It happened in the northbound lanes around 4:30 p.m. at W. Cimarron St.

Police say three cars hit each other in the left lane and shoulder when they were not able to stop quickly enough. The cement truck was able to stop before hitting anything, but spilled wet cement onto the center and right lanes.

It took about an hour and a half for crews to clean things up.

While the cleanup and investigation of that accident was happening, a second accident happened in the southbound lanes.

Police say a vehicle couldn't make the turn off of W. Cimarron onto southbound I-25 and went across all three lanes of traffic, rolled over and hit the cement barrier.

That accident closed the center and left lane for about an hour.

Thankfully, police say no one was seriously injured in any of the accidents.