Caught on Camera: Man Arrested At Busy Intersection

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In the middle of rush hour traffic on Tuesday, police surrounded a minivan with their guns drawn.

11 News talked to the witness who caught those tense moments on camera.

Police made their arrest just before 5 p.m. at the intersection of Dublin and Powers on the northeast side of Colorado Springs.

Police say the driver had an active warrant for illegally distributing drugs.

Jay Briggs captured the whole thing on his cell phone.

"It was definitely not a typical day, seeing some cops pull their guns out," Briggs said.

Briggs was on Powers when he saw the minivan pass him. A minute later he says a police cruiser jumped the median with the sirens blaring. Briggs says officers surrounded the van and ordered the driver, 32-year-old Michael Chiarani, out of the vehicle.

"I was in kind of a panic. Even though the cops all had their guns drawn, there's still an opportunity for a stray bullet to come back if there's a gun fight," Briggs explained.

Police then placed Chiarani into the back of their cruiser.

11 News looked into Chiarani's criminal background. He has felony charges including: arson, vehicle trespass and illegally distributing drugs.