Casey Lane Reopening Postponed, More Work To Be Done

Casey Lane on August 4, 2013 after a flash flood washed away a portion of the road.

All eyes have been on Manitou Springs in the previous weeks as storm after storm has pounded the area.

But residents living near the Black Forest burn scar have not been unscathed in the recent flash floods.

It's been a frustrating couple of weeks for residents living on a stretch of Casey Lane just off Shoup Road. A portion of Casey Lane was washed away by flooding on August 4. Road crews were hoping they would have Casey Lane reopened by Friday, but now tell us they may have been too optimistic about how quickly all the repairs could be accomplished.

Heavy rain and flash flooding swept a huge section of the road away, stranding five homeowners on the other side. The culprit was a worn out culvert under the road, which collapsed on itself during one of the summer storms, preventing debris from getting through. The August 4 storm proved too much for the wall of water and debris trapped there, causing a portion of the road to wash away--leaving a gaping hole behind.

"I could hear concrete crushing and moving...finally the whole thing just collapsed," Black Forest homeowner Jim McKelvey recalled.

Road crews have replaced the metal culvert with a concrete one, which they hope will better withstand the years of flood waters that the burn scar can expect to see. The new culvert is much bigger and heavier than the old one, and is expected to stand up to large volumes of water.

A county spokesman says they still have some work to do before reopening, like installing guardrails. At this time, there is no estimated reopening date.